Orange County Dui Lawyer

You can acquire the criminal charges dropped and still lose your capability to drive. Also, acquiring a DUI on your record can impact the sort of job you are able to get. If you were arrested for a DUI offense and are thinking about fighting your charges and receiving the optimum results, call us now!

Caroline R. Hahn is called an effective defense attorney and isn’t scared to take your case to trial to secure your very best interests. Hieu Vu is an excellent attorney is effective tirelessly for his customers. Although it is not possible to understand precisely how a prosecutor will go about attempting to convict an alleged drunk driving offender, acquiring a former prosecutor represent you could offer you the edge that you should have your case dismissed.

Even should you not think there’s a viable defense to your charges, you need to have your case reviewed by our office before going to court. You would be wise to consult with him. Many facets of the investigation has to be explored by a professional DUI attorney providing you with the greatest possible defense.

A DUI or DWI defense attorney who’s not a former prosecutor may still offer top-notch legal representation, but you aren’t going to receive representation which is able to outsmart prosecutors the way a former prosecutor is ready to. As said above, a DUI lawyer should know the area he is working in. If he can help your case, then they should be able to discuss how, exactly, they can help you and explain your options.

There are lots of complexities involved in an Orange County DUI case and you shouldn’t ever leave this up to fate to establish what the results are. DUI charges should not be taken lightly and you want to a criminal lawyer who’s competent in handling DUI charges. Nobody would like to be convicted of drunk driving simply because they couldn’t afford to employ a skilled DUI attorney.

In the event the offender is facing another offense, then, whether any earlier convictions will be taken under consideration will be dependent on in case the second conviction occurred within a decade of the very first offense. One of the absolute most obvious defenses to a DUI which can be used is if you weren’t driving the automobile. There are different aspects that could boost your jail sentence if convicted.

The DMV procedure is a formal legal proceeding and shouldn’t be dismissed. DUI help is simply a single phone call away. Call 949-305-7995 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Let our experience assist you in your legal issue. In the event you or a relative was arrested for driving under the influence, get in contact with our staff whenever possible after the arrest to make sure that your rights are guarded. From the very start, there are plenty of measures which can be taken towards shielding your rights and working towards your very best interests.

Getting to Work Immediately If you decide our firm is the perfect fit for your needs we don’t be afraid to start work immediately. Hieu is a fellow lawyer locally and is clearly among the most scientifically knowledgeable attorneys in the sphere of criminal defense. Our lawyer can immediately counsel you on the best way to communicate with investigators, insurance businesses, and the many legal consequences following a conviction or a voluntary plea agreement.

The important thing is retaining a seasoned defense team to read between the lines and discover the finest possible solution. You might not have been treated correctly at the right time of the charge. Costs vary based on the particular circumstance and your past criminal record.